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  • Not ready to hire a lawyer but want to be more informed?
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  • Unable to find consistent, complete, or credible information on the law?
  • Finding the law hard to understand and confusing?
  • Don’t know which legal professional to choose or trust?
  • Don’t know how much information will be covered in a consultation?
  • No experienced lawyers where you live? Need specialized skill in a small community?
  • Worried about legal fees?

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  • Affordable legal information from trusted lawyers. No commitment to service.
  • Get quick on demand access to the law when you want it.
  • Lawyers are vetted to ensure they are in good standing, qualified and experienced. 
  • Consume at your own pace, keep the information and take your time to understand.
  • Get to know a lawyer's experience and knowledge before retaining them.
  • Know what you will receive and what's included before paying.
  • Get better to access to the right legal information from a broader range of lawyers.
  • 1 Fair Price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between legal information and legal advice?

Legal information is knowledge about law and the legal system in general terms, NOT tailored to a specific case. In contrast, legal advice applies the law and legal principles to YOUR specific case, something only a licensed legal professional can do.

Can give me legal advice?

No. Only a licensed and insured legal professional can. What we can do is help you be more informed as a consumer of legal services so you can better determine what service you require from a legal professional.

Who creates the content on

Only licensed and experienced lawyers create the content they are competent to deliver. They must have experience practicing in their chosen field before supplying legal information to the public.

Is any information on AI generated?

No. Lawyers are prohibited from using any type of AI generated content on this platform. They must write and produce content themselves and are responsible for its quality and accuracy. Before participating on our platform lawyer's must agree not to use any AI generated information.

How can a purchase on help me?

1. Better Informed: You will be substantially more informed about your legal problem, worries, the law and applicable rights. With your better understanding you'll get to decide how much service you want from a lawyer. You should also understand how big or small your legal problem is so you can get help sooner from the right lawyer, if needed.

2. Better Value from Legal Advice:
A purchase on will make you a more informed consumer of legal services because of your accelerated understanding of your problem. You will also get much better value from legal advice when you retain a lawyer because you won't spend most of your consultation on unnecessary time simply trying to understand your problem.

3. Find the Right Lawyer:
Your accelerated learning will help you be able to ask the right questions when searching for the a professional to help you. A purchase on is almost like a sneak peak into a lawyers experience and understanding of the law in your area of concern. With your empowered knowledge, you will be better able to interview lawyers and make sure you are picking the right person for help. If you live in a small community that isn't serviced by the right lawyers, a purchase will also give you better access to the law from a broader range of skilled professionals.

4. Save Money: If you simply want to better understand the law, your worries and available options, a purchase on will be significantly (potentially thousands) of dollars cheaper than sitting down and paying for a lawyer's time. Many clients want to be more informed so they can communicate better with their chosen professional, a purchase also saves the lawyer considerable time explaining the law to their clients so they can focus on high value service.

5. More Information:
 Tired of Googling to the end of time? Or calling lawyers trying to ask a "quick question" to no avail? It's not that lawyers don't want to answer quick questions, the problem is they are never quick and could trigger legal advice. is designed to provide comprehensive legal information in one stop so you can then determine how much service is needed. Lawyers are rewarded for producing high quality information, saving the customers considerable time trying to do research and increasing value.

6. Know What you'll Get:
 Each purchase will specify in advance what is included and what is not. In contrast to sitting down for a consultation, you will know exactly what information you will receive before your purchase. Many consumers have reported low satisfaction from an initial consultation because they felt they ran out time, didn't get the information they needed, spent most of the time talking (instead of the lawyer), or that the consultation was mixed with a sales pitch. What you'll receive here is substantially more legal information for around the same price as a consultation, but you'll know exactly in advance what you're getting.

Can you Exchange or Refund a Purchase?

No. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued. Please read the lawyer’s course before purchasing to make sure their product is right for you. Lawyers spend a considerable amount of time producing high quality affordable legal information which provides immense benefits. By providing affordable legal information, a lawyer is exposing the inner workings of their business for a price not possible to offer through service.

Given the exclusivity, high value and usefulness of the legal information provided and the fact that a lawyer’s material will become easy to copy or relied on once accessed, we must make all sales final.

If you are a customer looking for guarantees from any legal information product you should not purchase on this website and hire a lawyer instead.

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