Understanding Sexual Assault Allegations

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Understand sexual assault allegations in 60 minutes.
  • 6 Modules
  • 1 Hour of Video
  • 4.5 Hour Audiobook
  • 150 Pages
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This course covers the how sexual assault allegations are handled in the justice system. It begins with an explanation of the investigation process, common mistakes made by an accused person and key rights. The course progresses through your rights upon arrest, being released from custody, publication bans and what to expect at your first court date. You’ll learn about disclosure and how evidence is collected and produced in court. The course wraps up by explaining the trial process, guilty pleas and recent sentences of sexual assault. We have also included some details on how these cases are appealed and the basics about getting a record suspension.

This course is designed for Ontario procedure but useful throughout Canada because many sexual assault laws and court procedure are crafted by the Supreme Court of Canada. If you are a victim of sexual assault, this program will give you an inside scoop of the justice system, details on the duration of cases, options the accused will have, where your participation will be required and what a defence lawyer is up too.

Our lawyers have invested a significant amount of resources to provide all this legal information for a single fair price. By purchasing this course, remember you are not retaining us as your lawyers for legal advice or representation. What we are giving you is affordable legal information which is knowledge about law and the legal system in general terms, not tailored to a specific case. In contrast, legal advice applies the law and legal principles to a specific case, something you'll need to hire a lawyer for. 

Please read the curriculum carefully to make sure it’s right for you before buying since all sales are final.

What You will Learn

  • Common Mistakes committed by the accused in the Initial stages of a sexual assault investigation and their impact on defence strategies available to lawyers.
  • How Investigations Start, what happens when you are arrested, key rights and how evidence is collected against the accused.
  • How Publication Bans work and how to get one quickly. What they cover and what they don't. How negotiations work with the prosecutor and the trial process.
  • Latest Defence Strategies used by experienced defence lawyers including when they are useful based on the evidence acquired early in the investigation.

How You will Benefit

  • Save Thousands of dollars and time paying a lawyer to access the same amount of legal information. Keep this information and refer back to it at your own pace.
  • Affordable Access to the law delivered by our team of lawyers. Get it now if you are worried, stressed or wanting to be better informed about sexual misconduct and your Rights.
  • No Commitment to Retaining our Firm. No other fees or charges. Get on demand help from our lawyers by having instant access to legal information you can trust.  
  • Be Empowered as a potential consumer of legal services before choosing a lawyer. Make sure the lawyer has the right expertise and be able to ask them tough questions about your problem.

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